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Warm Congratulations On: Heyu Biological Technology Corporation went public on the OTC platform in the United States

The successful listing of Heyu Biotechnology Corporation on OTC platform in the United States will bring sufficient funds for the development of the company, enhance the reputation and popularity of the company, enhance the sense of belonging and honor of the company's employees, also enhance the cohesion of the whole company.

In July 6, 2018, Heyu Biological Technology Corporation went public smoothly on the OTC platform in the United States, HYBTCIK#0001086303.

Heyu Biological Technology Corporation is a company mainly engaged in the research and development of biotechnology, manufacturing, sales of healthcare products, drugs and cosmetics and physical therapy equipment business. At present, its wholly-owned subsidiary has Heyu Healthcare Technology Company Limited, China (Hong Kong), Shi Jia Er Le (Xiamen) Healthcare Technology Company Limited, China, Xiamen Heyu Biological Technology Company Limited, China.

The company has gathered a group of excellent experts at home and abroad to make use of the world's latest and most advanced biotechnology for the development and production of various healthcare products, drugs, cosmetics and physiotherapy equipment; The company is committed to providing consumers with safe and effective healthcare products with scientific and technological innovation and integrating high-quality resources around the world, providing high-quality health services, and actively committing itself to major health undertakings, so as to help people obtain more reliable and systematic healthcare treatment services.

OTC (The abbreviation of over the counter), mainly includes OTCPS, OTCBB, OTCQB and OTCQX, etc. OTCPS is the equivalent of China‘s regional stock equities exchange centerOTCBB is the equivalent of China’s national equities exchange & quotations (NEEQ)OTCQB and OTCQX are the equivalent of China’s growth enterprise market (GEM) board.

Currently, Heyu biotechnology is listed on The OTCPS board of OTC market (Over The Counter). Due to the company's self-developed and mature biotechnology products and a certain scale of production base, it has reached the OTCQX listing conditions, its OTCQX sector is relatively strict in terms of review and supervision and has high credibility. It is the highest level of over-the-counter trading market in the United States. After developing well, listed enterprises can directly enter the main board of NASDQA. Therefore, the next step of the company will plan to be listed in OTCQX board of OTC trading platform.



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